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Jul 6, 2021 11:34 AM
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July 7, 2021

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After reading Cory Doctorow's Medium article on The Memex Method (, I've decided to join the blogging universe. Better 20 years late than never.

I knew a lot of what he said somewhere in the recesses of my mind, but it really did take him lining it out for me to really absorb and reflect on it.

What makes blogging different than traditional publishing really centers around the three inversions of publishing before selecting your topics, researching before knowing your subject, and producing to attract (rather than serve) an audience.

That resonates with how I already research things incessantly and without much direction. I'm obssessed with knowledge and I haven't known what to do with all of it. I collect and write my own little notes on everything; I've been blogging but just in my own personal variations on commonplace books.

Blogging is just making that public and, as he says, publishing personal notes requires a rigor and solid accounting that one hardly does privately. It'll force me to do a bit more work rather than take idle notes.

"These repeated acts of public description adds each idea to a supersaturated, subconscious solution of fragmentary elements that have the potential to become something bigger."

This above all else really hit home for me. And the thing is, I want to start blogging with a few topics in mind. Thanks to my endless researching and curiosity, I've found the subjects I want to focus on and so I'll set those up as the key blog categories upon which I'll perform my repeated acts of public description.

In the end, I want my personal treatise and view and output on things like masculinity, storytelling, mythology, capitalism and so on.

If I simply end up with better writings on these subjects, I'll still be better off than the haphazard "collect and tuck notes into organized drawers" I'm doing now. Maybe I'll get lucky and meet a few people that want to discuss these topics and we can expand our world views together.

Mm, actually, a community would truly be a worthy end goal all in all.