Our Relationship



You've got something to say.

Maybe you don't have the words to say it; maybe you do, but just need different words that will help readers understand it better.

  • It could be a novel or short story that you've been working on.
  • Perhaps a corporate brochure explaining what your company is about.
  • Or your personal website showing off your blog and freelance services.
  • How about an article for a magazine or newspaper?
  • A fancy movie or show script?
  • An email or long message professing your feelings to that special someone?

Whatever it is, you've come to the right place.



I’m a Saudi editor and writer who is obsessed with words and who uses both his engineering brain and creative brain to make words do what you want them to say.

I work with individuals, magazines, businesses, people with stories to tell or people with writing they just want to show off.

I’m based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia and dedicated to supporting people in the country, as well as neighboring Gulf countries, the Arab world and beyond.

We all have something we want to express. However you express it, you don't have to worry about finding the right words to go with it. That's my job and I'm really good at it. You do what you do and let me tell your story.

I can help you with editing in a variety of ways, or I can even write for you. Want to talk story stuff? I'm all for it as well.

Check out my portfolio of works here to get a better idea of my writing and editing habits.

Not sure if you really need an editor? You do, so click here and allow me the chance to show you why.

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