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Jul 15, 2021 1:12 PM
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A few years out of date, but I'm a couple decades behind on the whole blogging thing, so at least it's all on brand.

Going hand in hand with the whole cory doctorow thing, I am all for lowercase b blogging and not worrying what other people with think. Writing notes down, gathering research, and building things up into the larger things, all in public.

Call it curation, digital garden, early access development, loose piles of knowledge or writings, musings, wiki, federated wiki, blogpunk... whatever. We've found many ways to look at it and they're all valid and relevant to the personality it attracts or developed it.

This matches up to how I want to look at knowledge. I don't simply want to regurgitate a single thought that a hundred other people had about a specific article or other piece of content. That's what a lot of blogging and tweeting and so on is about. I saw this thing, notice me that I saw this thing that I didn't create.

That's definitely the pessimistic way of looking at it. Optimistically, it can also be, "Hey I saw this thing that was interesting and wanted to share with my community and maybe we can even talk about it and have our own connections over it."

Still, for me, the goal is to take that piece of content, "de-stream" it and extract the meat of the matter, and store that away in a place that I can then start attaching other things (I've stored/will store) to it when I find relevant and hopefully surprising connections.

Sometimes I won't even have the full overall umbrella topic in mind, but I tag things appropriately as I see fit with each one, and then when connections happen, new topics can emerge.

This is my personal site where I drop notes and articles about things that I am interested in. Generally speaking this journal will capture thoughts I have about building bootstrapped business, raising kids, learning, teaching, and my endless obsession with media and gear.

The entries on this page aren't all complete thoughts. It's a space for me to post what I like and I try not to hoard drafts like some sort of digital Smog. Instead I choose to just let things fly and circle back to them later if I feel like it.