Gaming: What Shall We Play First - Part I - Short & Sweet

Destination Sharqiya
Magazine Writing
Publish Date
February 17, 2016

Greetings gamers! So, I know that there are already many articles about getting people into boardgaming. I promise to add a personal touch with this series by not simply regurgitating the same list of games that others have confirmation-biased into copy-pasting over and over again. Yes, Settlers of Catan is the standard go-to gateway game, but let’s try to be a bit more inventive.

My main qualification for my choices is that they personally worked on people I know would not usually have enjoyed this sort of thing, and yet, they stuck through, had fun and even asked to play it again.

For today we’ll focus on quick or short games that you can play in about a half hour or so. Next time we’ll delve into some longer choices.

Escape: The Curse of the Temple (10min)

Players work together to reveal tiles and find the exit out of a cursed temple. The game plays in real-time and always finishes in ten minutes thanks to a soundtrack that keeps things intense! Expect lots of panicked cries, excited rolls and last-ditch attempts for glorious victory.

Sushi Go! (15min)

Quick, delectable set-collecting game about combining sushi cards to give you the most points. You play a card from your hand each round and pass your hand to the next player (this is known as card drafting). The art is adorable and the gameplay is easy and bite-sized; it’s as satisfying as a platter of fresh sushi for lunch.

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small (30min)

Two-player game where each of you have a pasture to develop and become the best animal breeder in town. Cute meeples (wooden pieces that represent your animals) abound as you struggle to find space for them to multiply and grow. Who knew animal husbandry could be so much fun?

7 Wonders (30min)

A classic, I’ve owned this from the very beginning and we still continue to play it. It’s got Sushi Go’s card drafting mechanic, but this time you’re building the most prosperous civilization. Word of advice: Don’t overthink it; every tactic and strategy you attempt is valid.