Babahood: Six Surprisingly Must-Have Items for A Newborn

Destination Sharqiya
Magazine Writing
Publish Date
April 28, 2016

Babas, this is going to be far from an exhaustive list and I’m only targeting the first few months of babahood, but personally, I found each of these items to prove surprisingly valuable. The first four I’ve rarely seen used around here (if at all) and the last two are just damn useful toys that saved a lot of head/heart-ache.

NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator (a.k.a The Snotsucker)

Directly replacing the more common nose bulb, this ingenious item from Sweden reliably sucks out so much snot every single time. It’s gross at face value when you picture what you’re doing, but trust me, the calm that came over my son’s face when he (finally) realized it was helping him was absolutely priceless.


You can’t carry your crib around, but that’s where this perfect portable baby bed comes in. Whether you plop it on the floor when you’re visiting family or keep it next to you in bed at night, your baby will feel snug and comfy in it from day one.

Tummy Tub

I know, it’s a bucket. But, it’s brilliant and your heart will melt that very first time you carry your baby in it and you see his cries instantaneously turn into wide-eyed wonder as his limbs dance and flail about in joy.

Baby Wrap Carriers

These are excellent baby carriers. They’re easy to use, your little one will feel so snug and comforted being right against your chest and they’re much lighter than the hard-shell carriers. Moby is the popular brand and you definitely need one, but I also had to get a Batman version because… Batman.


The most basic of toys; I mean super basic. Cultures around the world always have some form of this. Me? I’m a techie so I use a rattle app and it has brought about precious peace, especially when he’s not in the mood to be all cooped up in a car seat (which is always).

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

My wife was skeptical when she saw that, among the first batch of must-have items that I purchased, I had this one toy in there. All that changed the moment our baby was having a crying fit in his crib and in my own fit of desperation, I tried this out. The lights and music were like a revelation to him and he still enjoys it (quietly!) every time I use it.