Sector, the Future of MDX, and Digital Gardens
Sector, the Future of MDX, and Digital Gardens

Sector, the Future of MDX, and Digital Gardens


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Jul 15, 2021 7:58 PM
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Sector, the Future of MDX, and Digital Gardens

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[29:53] Now, frankly, pardon my French, when I say "Fuck it, I'm going to publish whatever I want and I'm going to publish partially finished notes, and I'm going to write my thoughts down. I'm going to put it out there."

Note: Then you just have a bunch just planted, maybe taking root, blooming and growing with little updates here and there (due to new thoughts, or getting input from community, etc.). You end up with something that had feedback the whole way through. Shit. This is early access game development, but with writing.

[36:32] Because when it comes to having the time to sit down and complete something from start to finish, it's very hard for me and then often I end up getting overwhelmed by it and giving up. I never see it through. By having the idea, releasing my mind and saying, "Oh, I'm just going to just publish whatever the idea is."

Chris: [45:51] Actually that's a really good point because even if you're say on Twitter or some other social network or Dev 2 or whatever, even if you post the exact same thing five times, there will still be somebody that follows you that wants your content that does not see it.

[46:27] Like, "Oh, somebody's probably already read this," or "Somebody's already seen my post somewhere." Guess what? Nobody's seen anything. It's fine.Kurt: [46:36] Yeah, the Web is a huge place.

Note: Good point about the net and not worrying about repeating your own content let alone repeating what other people have said.

You can push your content out there and the people who really care, the people that really want to be in your community will know and pay attention and see it.[47:23] Then the ones that are in the wider community that you're trying to reach, you've reached with the marketing blast. You reach with tweeting about it whether sending emails, etc.