Every Child on Their Own Trampoline
Every Child on Their Own Trampoline

Every Child on Their Own Trampoline



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Every Child on Their Own Trampoline

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Capitalism pushes us towards private affluence. We aspire to acquire our own things. Shared things are seen as second best, something of an inconvenience. Politics responds accordingly, prioritising economic growth and ‘more money in your pocket’, rather than shared goods and services. So everyone has their own lawnmower while the grass grows long in the park. People get their own exercise bikes or rowing machines, and the gym at the local leisure centre starts to look tired and under-funded. The wealthy pay for childcare or hire a nanny, but the early years nursery closes down.

Note: The push and pull between public and private affluence.

Community is one of the victims.

Inequality is another.

Public affluence builds community, saves resources and reduces inequality.