Building a Second Brain + Smart Notes
Building a Second Brain + Smart Notes

Building a Second Brain + Smart Notes

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Jun 29, 2021 3:59 AM
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Building a Second Brain + Smart Notes
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Jul 16, 2021 12:05 PM
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Notes should be atomic–each note should be about one idea, but encapsulate that idea well enough to stand on its own. Notes should be written in your own words, rather than copied or quoted. Notes should be linked to other notes with related concepts.

Note: I think I might be a Zettlekasten guy? Or at least partially. I'm all for linking notes together, and it makes sense to have them be in own words.

The Smart Notes methodology opposes highlighting, correctly stating that it’s a poor way to learn material. BASB actively encourages highlighting, not as a way to learn, but as a way to reduce the work needed to summarize ideas later. When you add a new card to a zettelkasten, you review your old cards to link concepts together. Contrast this with BASB, where old notes get reviewed opportunistically based on active projects.

By combining both systems you can spend less time overall for more high-quality connections.

Note: Potential workflow: 1. Read 2. Highlight the stuff you liked and need to remember 3. Marinate 4. Looking at highlights in notion, bold and highlight them 5. Summarize main idea of book and chapters 6. Connect this to other notes based on ideas and topics