Building a Digital Garden
Building a Digital Garden

Building a Digital Garden

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Jun 27, 2021 4:23 PM
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Building a Digital Garden
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And the real magic trick is to put them both together. To keep the ball bouncing with your flow—to maintain that open channel of communication—while you work on some kick-ass stock in the background. Sacrifice neither. The hybrid strategy.

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Note: I don't do either, but I definitely ignore flow. It runs too fast and I just need to find a flow and community whose speed I match.

collect raw material, then think about it. From this process comes pattern recognition and eventually the insights that form the basis of novel ideas.

apparently, folders and files is the “best in class” tool (better than tags and search) for personal information management

Note: I like my hybrid model. Folders of mega topics/tags that have items all of which have their own tags to sort them out as well. Item A can be under multiple folders and tags.