🌱 My Blog Is a Digital Garden, Not a Blog
🌱 My Blog Is a Digital Garden, Not a Blog

🌱 My Blog Is a Digital Garden, Not a Blog

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Jul 15, 2021 7:58 PM
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🌱 My Blog Is a Digital Garden, Not a Blog
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Jul 15, 2021 9:17 PM
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The phrase "digital garden" is a metaphor for thinking about writing and creating that focuses less on the resulting "showpiece" and more on the process, care, and craft it takes to get there.

What makes a garden is interesting. It's personal. Things are organized and orderly, but with a touch of chaos around the edges.Just like plants in the garden I've got posts that are in various stages of growth and nurturing. Some might wither and die, and others (like this one you are reading) will flourish and provide a source of continued for the gardener and folks in community that visit 👋Chronologically sorted pages of posts aren't how people actually use the internet.For the most part we use search via Google to find stuff, which is free form and task oriented. You want something, you know what you want, you can string a few words together and hope to get lucky.

It is a blog, sure, but it is also a wiki. It's a spot where I can post ideas, snippets, resources, thoughts, collections, and other bits and pieces that I find interesting and useful. Instead of always being a "performance" level of blogging, it can be a looser more human endeavor that drops the idea of robots sorting the content (in this case simply by date created) and embraces the idea of curation, by me, for you.